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This Software is released under MIT License is written in Ruby and uses the following libraries:
acl9 actioncable actionmailer actionpack actionview activejob activemodel activerecord activerecord-import activesupport acts-as-taggable-on arel authlogic autoprefixer-rails bootstrap bootstrap-select-rails builder bundler chronic climate_control clipboard-rails coffee-rails coffee-script coffee-script-source concurrent-ruby crass daemons delayed_job delayed_job_active_record erubis execjs ffi ffi-compiler font_awesome5_rails globalid haml i18n jquery-datatables jquery-rails jquery-ui-rails json loofah mail method_source mime-types mime-types-data mimemagic mini_mime mini_portile2 minitest nio4r nokogiri pagy paperclip pg pg_search popper_js rack rack-accept rack-test rails rails-controller-testing rails-dom-testing rails-html-sanitizer railties rake rb-fsevent rb-inotify request_store ruby-ole sass sass-listen sass-rails sassc sassc-rails scrypt simple_form spreadsheet sprockets sprockets-rails temple terrapin thor thread_safe tilt turbolinks turbolinks-source turnout tzinfo uglifier websocket-driver websocket-extensions whenever