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Phylogeography of a widespread Asian subtropical tree: genetic east-west differentiation and climate envelope modelling suggest multiple glacial refugia
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Shi, M. M., Michalski, S. G., Chen, X. Y., & Durka, W. (2011). Isolation by elevation: genetic structure at neutral and putatively non-neutral loci in a dominant tree of subtropical forests, Castanopsis eyrei. PLoS One, 6(6), e21302.
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Fossil-based biome reconstructions predict that during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), the subtropical zone of East Asia was reduced to a narrow southern belt. In contrast, previous phylogeographical studies of subtropical plant species, many of which are rare, indicated different glacial refugia north of this predicted area. Here, we aim to elucidate the phylogeographical structure and putative refugia of Castanopsis eyrei, a widely distributed tree of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests of China.
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