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Woody plant phylogenetic diversity mediates bottom-up control of arthropod biomass in a species-rich forest
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Schuldt, A., Baruffol, M., Bruelheide, H., Chen, S., Chi, X., Wall, M., & Assmann, T. (2014). Woody plant phylogenetic diversity mediates bottom–up control of arthropod biomass in species-rich forests. Oecologia, 176(1), 171-182.
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Effects of global change are predicted to cause non-random species loss in plant communities, with important consequences for ecosystem functioning. However, little is known about how plant diversity and the loss of this diversity influence the structure of higher trophic levels―which are crucial to the functioning particularly of many species-rich ecosystems―beyond the simple effects of plant species richness. We analyze to what extent the phylogenetic diversity and species richness of woody plants contribute to explaining the biomass and abundance of herbivorous and predatory arthropods in a highly diverse forest in subtropical China.
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CSPs: Insect and spider abundance from beating tray samples of saplings in the CSPs 2011/12

Samples of insects and spiders directly from randomly selected saplings of the Comparative Study Plots, obtained with beating tray sampling. Enables to test to what extent woody plant diversity affects the abundance, species composition and divers...

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Created at: 2013-10-01
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CSPs: Comparative study plot (CSP) information to be shared with all BEF-China scientists

This research is designed to collect data on diversity in subtropical forest ecosystems and relate it to ecosystem services such as primary productivity, carbon storage, prevention of soil erosion, and invasion resistance to exotic plants. This da...

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Created at: 2012-03-18
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CSPs: Phylogenetic tree of woody species in the Gutianshan National Reserve

The data file contains the corrected species names for the tip labels of the phylogenetic tree. The attached text file is the phylogenetic tree. Methods concerning the phylogenetic tree see below sampling description.

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CSP total tree basal area without the snowbreak trees

The BEF-China forest experiment studies the role of tree diversity in ecosystem functioning in subtropical forests. This data includes aggregated Basal area by Comparative Study Plots (CSP) in the Gutianshan National Nature Reserve. Basal area is ...

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